Walker Percy

Making Things Up: Facts, Fiction, and Unlikeliness*

As I inaugurate a new period of ruminating on things (see Rumination 31 for the early history…or Rumination 15 for a screed about ‘things’) and writing them up, I return to an observation by the protagonist Dr. Tom More in Walker Percy’s novel, The Thanatos Syn
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Tennyson’s Bar, Planking at Yaki Point, and Bad Bat Renderings: Texting Pictures Across the Corpus Callosum

Some news: The Pen/Hemingway Award for Literary Excellence in Debut Fiction is issuing a press release today. Here’s a hint: If Yellow Birds is to Open City, then As It Is On Earth is to The Art of Fielding.  But enough about me. It’s Thursday; I’ve a
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What are Richard Rorty and Walker Percy looking at?

Two of my favorite writers on their garden benches, a tree over each of their left shoulder, and their heads tilted slightly rightward…as if they share one of As It Is On Earth‘s character’s poignant tendency “to see the slant of things better that way.” In AIIOE, I
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The Brooklyn Rail & As It Is On Earth

I’m not sure what to make of being called a ‘renaissance man’ in the September issue of The Brooklyn Rail. Surely it is flattering, and I greatly appreciated Scott Cheshire’s (author of the debut novel High as the Horses’ Bridles, forthcoming from Henry H
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