PEN/Hemingway Award

A Caesura in Ruminations . . . The PEN/Hemingway Awards at the JFK Library – March 24, 2013

I thought visitors to Ruminations…might enjoy some shots of the day at theJFK Center PEN/Hemingway Awards: Yes, that’s the back of Colm Toíbín’s head. He gave an endearing Keynote on Hemingway’s “unsaid.” Cathy Chung (author of Forgotten Country) an
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For Bloom The Bell Tolls: Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, Anxiolytics and The Hemingways

This weekend, I’m off to receive my PEN/Hemingway nod at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston. It’s a public ceremony, so come by and say hi if you’re in Boston. I say “nod” for a reason. That’s all Catherine Chung (Forgotten Country) and I – the
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Tennyson’s Bar, Planking at Yaki Point, and Bad Bat Renderings: Texting Pictures Across the Corpus Callosum

Some news: The Pen/Hemingway Award for Literary Excellence in Debut Fiction is issuing a press release today. Here’s a hint: If Yellow Birds is to Open City, then As It Is On Earth is to The Art of Fielding.  But enough about me. It’s Thursday; I’ve a
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