Flirting in Science Class: Boys, Bunsen Burners, & Bad Thought Experiments

It is with not inconsiderable risk that a fellow chooses to weigh in on the Tim Hunt faux pas, but it was the following article from The Guardian that caught my attention and emboldened me. It was not that I too attended a “single-sex school in the 1960’s” as Hunt’s wife, the immunolo
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Cracking Wise with Seneca, Eyes That Hear, and Jack London’s Boat: Bell Labs meets The Pleasure of the Text

You might consider this Part II of DI:E…explaining itself to itself. A few followers have questioned the tone I’ve taken in my weekly mull.  Comments have ranged from “your tone is a bit snappy for my taste“, then gone downhill to “it’s really,̷
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Robespierre & Zebras on the Road to Damascus

Last week I wrote about placing one’s bet on what is real and what is not,…and sticking with it. Of course, by real, I meant what is important to you, what is worth believing in, fighting for, persuading others to get on board with, etc. After all, what could be more real
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Why It Makes Sense To Name Sandy After One Of Us

Staring out at the calm waters of the Hudson River this morning, I recalled a short piece I wrote almost twenty years ago. It was titled The Machining of Nature and reflected on technology and architecture following the 1993 flood of the Mississippi River. Among other post-flood tales
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A doff of the cap to E.O. Wilson

A doff of the cap to E.O. Wilson who’s book Consilience made a real impression a few years back…a respectful but negative one. In As It Is On Earth, Dean Alvah Frankel takes a page from that book. Frankel turns back to Miryam, his smile icy. “Consilience, young lady, what we cal
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Piss holes in a snowbank. This is another thing about eyes – some eyes, at least.

Last week, I wrote about seeing with instruments. That got me thinking again about what science shares with religion…as AIIOE’s ‘graying Jackson Pollock on the Mount’ asks about the rationale of Science’s Method…is Faith in Reason a Reasonable Faith? “And Science and Religion? D
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