Pushing a Cart at the Center of the Universe: an inflationary theory smack down

For spurned writers, the agents who passed on their novel are easy targets for post‑factum ridicule. The rejection letter looms large, and it takes an even larger fellow to just…well, just get over it. I am one such fellow. No,…really. A concern for “commercial viability&#
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A doff of the cap to E.O. Wilson

A doff of the cap to E.O. Wilson who’s book Consilience made a real impression a few years back…a respectful but negative one. In As It Is On Earth, Dean Alvah Frankel takes a page from that book. Frankel turns back to Miryam, his smile icy. “Consilience, young lady, what we cal
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What are Richard Rorty and Walker Percy looking at?

Two of my favorite writers on their garden benches, a tree over each of their left shoulder, and their heads tilted slightly rightward…as if they share one of As It Is On Earth‘s character’s poignant tendency “to see the slant of things better that way.” In AIIOE, I
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