As It Is On Earth

Matryoshka dolls and A Brief History of Time…

If it is true that we as individuals are actually the sum of what has gone before us, i.e.,  the historical context within which we find ourselves (living at a particular time, in a particular place, from within a particular family) – or as my narrator Taylor Thatcher suggests:  “It w
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As It Is On Earth has Launched!

The image here is a favorite – the Iranian government’s use of Adobe Photoshop to boost their arsenal. As It Is On Earth has launched as well, as of 9/8/2012 – a week early to accommodate all the pre-orders.. In this case, many copies are just fine. Return to Ruminations… &
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The Brooklyn Rail & As It Is On Earth

I’m not sure what to make of being called a ‘renaissance man’ in the September issue of The Brooklyn Rail. Surely it is flattering, and I greatly appreciated Scott Cheshire’s (author of the debut novel High as the Horses’ Bridles, forthcoming from Henry H
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Interview with Peter Wheelwright in Metropolis Magazine

Susan S. Szenazy interviewed me for Metropolis Magazine
A few years back, Susan S. Szenasy interviewed me for Metropolis Magazine, the New York City-based magazine of architecture, culture, and design (you can read it here). At the time, Susan was the editor of Metropolis. She is also the author of several books on design, and a co-founder
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Why I Wrote As It Is on Earth

As It Is On Earth actually began as a short story that I wrote 15 years ago. I was teaching architecture at Parsons and used to sneak over to take a New School creative writing class after work. The professor was the writer Peter Sourian. He read the story, A Brother’s Meas
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