Now, Don’t Get Me Wrong: Truth, Hidden Agendas, and Subway Phatics

Yesterday afternoon in the subway, I overheard one fellow say to another: “Well, you know me, I…“ Why is it that when I hear phrases like this – phrases intended to make doubly sure that the listener knows who one is and/or what they’re up to – my reaction is t
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Cracking Wise with Seneca, Eyes That Hear, and Jack London’s Boat: Bell Labs meets The Pleasure of the Text

You might consider this Part II of Ruminations…explaining itself to itself. A few followers have questioned the tone I’ve taken in my weekly mull.  Comments have ranged from “your tone is a bit snappy for my taste“, then gone downhill to “it’s
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Pascal’s Wager, Sartre’s Bet, and The Santa Claus Gamble

Each December, young parents must face one of the great metaphysical dilemmas of all time…well, at least, of recent times,…that is, of recent Judeo-Christian,…ok, Christian…never mind. The point is this: Sleigh bells are ringing off the hook and your little darling leans up, sof
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Voices In My Head: A Brief Discourse on Readings

A while back, I did a reading from As It Is On Earth in Maine. The following week, I read at Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor, Long Island. Here’s a question: How does one read a story that is narrated in the first person? I mean, when the words you’re reading are being d
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