Now, Don’t Get Me Wrong: Truth, Hidden Agendas, and Subway Phatics

Yesterday afternoon in the subway, I overheard one fellow say to another: “Well, you know me, I…“ Why is it that when I hear phrases like this – phrases intended to make doubly sure that the listener knows who one is and/or what they’re up to – my reaction is t
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Er,…What I mean to say is…

There is nothing like the arrangement of words to keep things lively. In an earlier blog (“Rivers & The Clash between the Earth and the World”), I wrote about the difference between the Earth and World. In this Thursday’s blog, I am reminded how the simple re-arrangeme
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Cranky Thoughts On The Word ‘Thing’

A while back, I did a reading with the wonderful author Leora Skolkin-Smith (Hystera). The evening’s event was called The Family Thing. And while the plan was to connect up our shared interest in the thematics of family, I steered momentarily off course to that all-consuming linguisti
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