Flirting in Science Class: Boys, Bunsen Burners, & Bad Thought Experiments

It is with not inconsiderable risk that a fellow chooses to weigh in on the Tim Hunt faux pas, but it was the following article from The Guardian that caught my attention and emboldened me. It was not that I too attended a “single-sex school in the 1960’s” as Hunt’s wife, the immunolo
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Schroeder on Page 20, ‘I’ Tunes, and Julie Andrew’s Solfège: Nitpicking in Pandora’s Box

Do you like to sing? I do. My singing voice is not great, but it’s serviceable enough for the local chorale. Recently, we’ve been working on Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis. Frankly, that tune is a bitch. Did you see page 20 in the picture? Absolutely no place to take a breath.
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The Chebarkul Meteor, iRobot Vacuum Cleaners, and A Prius in Flatland: The Atmosphere of Objects

In a previous post, I wrote about “Things“. This week, I want to make some points about a certain class of Things, namely…Objects. Why?…On Saturday, I will be moderating a panel at an interior design conference, entitled Aftertaste: The Atmosphere of Objects. T
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Cracking Wise with Seneca, Eyes That Hear, and Jack London’s Boat: Bell Labs meets The Pleasure of the Text

You might consider this Part II of DI:E…explaining itself to itself. A few followers have questioned the tone I’ve taken in my weekly mull.  Comments have ranged from “your tone is a bit snappy for my taste“, then gone downhill to “it’s really,̷
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Good Beaches, Palladian Villas, and Lyle Lovett: Square Dancing with The Terrible Master in Borges’ Attic

I live in my own mind Ain’t nothin but a good time No rain just the sunshine Out here in my own mind… L.P.L. A few weeks back (see DI:E…01.03.13), I wrote about the difference between minds and brains. This week’s topic is once again about the inside of oneR
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The Little Drummer Boy and The Secretary of State: A Quest for Grace & Spiritus

Last week in Dies Iovis: Ergo…I mentioned The Sound of Music. Big mistake. My Favorite Things…don’t even go there. Besides the stuck tune, I’m sure, by now, you know how I feel about “Things” (if not, see DI:E…10.25.12). In truth, I like the s
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